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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing
Promote your business online
With the lowest cost, let your business to experience the greatest advantage and increase your sales volume.
display your company's advertisement in search engines such as Yahoo, MSN......, and attract over two million customers to your site.

First three / first three pages show at the large search engine*

Your website ranking at the Yahoo.com.hk / MSN.com.hk / timway.com first three / first three pages sponsor area*

We guarantee your advertisement’s show times, click times, and browse times in the search engine. Generate local and oversea customers.

5 Guarantee,only Unlimit-Hosting.com provided.

1. Guarantee your advertisement show at the front position.
2. Guarantee advertisement browsing (No body browse,Money back Guarantee).
3. Guarantee show times 30,000 - 10,950,000 or browse and click times guarantee.
4. Guarantee show location,for example to appoint NewYork and Tokyo or Japan and USA.
Guarantee fixed charge,easy to manage budget.

Our E-Commerce Expert provide  
1. Professional compiles your advertisement.
2. Professional complies the keywords for the search engine.
3. Professional complies the description of your advertisement.
4. To assist your company's search engine advertisement account.
5. Professional website advertisement report and analytsis.
Your Advertisement
Guarantee your advertisement show at the front position of the search results which locate at the sponsor area and the show times or browse and click times, the period or location are flexible, welcome inquire.
Show times
Period Charges One year show times

One year special offer
(setup fee waived)

1 Year
30,000 £171.6
1 Year
1 Season




1 Season


240,000 Ask
30,000 30 Days


360,000 Ask
30 Days


720,000 Ask
30,000 1 Day Ask
10,950,000 Ask

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Your website ranking

First three / first three pages at
large search engine*

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